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Clay Aiken is the former American Idol contestant who is now a big pop music superstar. But with his fame comes discussion about whether he might be gay.

The Gay and Lesbian newsmagazine The Advocate features a special report devoted to this important question. The following deep commentary is offered:

My boyfriend talks about Aiken’s goal to become a special-needs teacher as one that screams out as a career track often pursued by gay men. And my boyfriend also points out that there’s a definite subset of closeted Christian males in their 20s (having been one himself) who have so successfully repressed their sexuality that they don’t even know that they’re really gay.

Nevertheless, Clay has publicly stated that he’s not gay. He also may have publicly stated that he’s a virgin. Or maybe he just implied that he’s a virgin. And that he’s never had a girlfriend.

A picture of Clay Aiken grabbing Mezhgan's

Of course there’s a perfectly logical explanation for this that has nothing to do with Clay Aiken being gay. He was just a nerdy guy who was a complete loser with girls until he became famous. But that explains why he was a virgin. Now that there are thousands of young women who’d love to have sex with him because he’s famous, he is being held to a higher standard to prove his manhood.

But there's a perfectly plausible explanation here. He has hang-ups with respect to Christianity, shyness, and never having had any sexual experiences, so he just doesn’t know what to do now that he’s the guy that millions of girls actually want.
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